As a recipient of mental health services through LCMHA, you have the right to appeal or grieve any decision to deny, suspend, reduce or terminate services. There are different avenues available to you for seeking resolution of problems or differences that may arise. (for additional information call Customer Services for a copy of “Appealing Choices: Your Grievance and Appeal Process”).

  • You may file a Recipient Rights Complaint if you feel your rights as defined in the Michigan Mental Health Code have been violated.
  • The Local Dispute Resolution Process is available if you disagree with decisions made about the services you are to receive or have been receiving.
  • If you disagree with the decision to deny hospitalization or other services, you may request a Second Opinion
  • If you are a Medicaid recipient, you may request a Medicaid Fair Hearing before an administrative Law judge
  • Or, if you are not a Medicaid enrollee, you may request a review by the Department of Community Health Alterative Dispute Resolution Process. This option is available only after the Local Dispute Resolution Committee has reviewed your concerns and made a decision with which you do not agree.