You will be hearing a lot of talk about, “person-centered planning”. This is a service planning process provided to assist you in identifying and planning for your present and future desires. In the planning process you will be helped to make a list of things that you are good at (your strengths). What things are positive in your life? Your dreams/goals and things that you want will be discussed. Things that make it hard to reach your goals/dreams will be explored (barriers). Health and safety issues are very important to talk about. We can help you identify “natural supports” or those things/people in your life that are already helping you in some way. Would you like to have more natural supports to help you reach goals/dreams in your life? We have some ideas to help you with this.

After this planning is done, we will be able to inform you of how we can help achieve your future desires and goals with the resources and services we have available. you then can choose to incorporate these services (referred to as your treatment plan) into your person-centered plan.

The first step in this process developing your person-centered plan is deciding who you want to “facilitate” or guide you in the development of your person-centered planning (PCP) meeting or process.

Someone will be asking you, “Who do you want to facilitate your PCP?” You have the following options:

-You can facilitate your own meeting -You can have a family member or friend that you trust, who knows your goals/dreams/wishes and desires .-You can select from several “Independent Facilitators” (Please ask someone to see a PCP Facilitator Album- containing background information about the person and their picture found at Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority, New Focus Clubhouse, Community Connections of Hope Network.) -You can have your LCMHA Support Coordinator facilitate. This person is also required to complete the same training as the independent Facilitator.

*An Independent Facilitator is a person not employed by LCMHA. They have received training (“Effective Facilitation of the Person-Centered Planning Process”) They do receive payment out of CMH funds for each PCP process they facilitate. They will be focused on helping you to develop and/or use natural supports you may already have to assist you towards achieving your goals. You will direct them on how they can best help you to involve the natural supports and resources you want in your life to make a plan that will help you to reach your goals. Consumers who have Supports Coordinators, are encouraged to have them involved in the PCP process so necessary mental health services can be authorized in a timely manner.

You can attend training’s yourself or refer family members/friends to learn how to facilitate your PCP meetings. You will be given information on how to deal with conflict in meetings, how to get people involved that need to be involved, establishing ground rules, developing the agenda and much, much more. Please check it out!

Trainings are held periodically throughout our Affiliation. There is no cost to the training and any adult may attend. You will have to provide your own transportation. Contact Customer Service if you are interested in attending a training.
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